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What comes to mind when you think of November? It has always been a favorite month at our house. This is particularly true in 2021. With the way days are changing during these challenging times, being thankful has a special meaning this year.

By the end of the month, grass may not need to be cut around the house. Leaves have been raked or mulched in the yard and are no longer a problem. Weeds are barely visible thanks to the appearance of cold weather. If it snows, a former neighbor comes to clear the drive, even if he is not called and we have no reason to leave home.

Many people have helped us at numerous times. November’s Thanksgiving Day is a good time to thank them for making each day the best possible. Neighbors across the street not only call to see what we need when they make their weekly trip to the grocery store, but they also climb ladders to remove a noisy smoke detector that needs more than a new battery. They gave us the name of a good garage door repairman who had to be called when they couldn’t fix it. They are available night and day to help in every way possible. Just seeing their light on at night gives us peace of mind.

There are friends who call to see if we’re all right or need something. They’re willing to enter stores we haven’t been near since COVID-19 made an appearance. These friends let us know we can ask for help day or night.

After spending five hours on the phone one day trying to make appointments for COVID-19 vaccines, our son made them that night in less than five minutes from his house on the West Coast. Our daughter-in-law, who is now 500 miles away, orders most of our groceries for pick up at the store or delivered to the house. That means we do not have to enter a store.

Friends, who know we no longer have a welcome mat at the front door, call to check on us. They also come without our knowing and leave something at the front door. Later they call to see if we’ve found what they left. So many people need to be remembered and thanked.

November is a good time to thank people for their kindness this year. If you can think of no one, you need new friends or a better memory. It’s time to change.


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